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As a teenager, Sylvain Cloutier already showed an interest in language and creative writing. He wins prizes and his potential is recognized by teachers. Then, it is at the age of 20 that Sylvain Cloutier learns that he is a direct descendant of tenor Raoul Jobin. From then on, he understands where the need comes from singing, playing and composing music. A member of the polyphonic ensemble of Quebec at the Grand Theater, his choral conductor at that time recognizes the width of his vocal spectrum, the signature of his late grand uncle. Already 18 years old, he plays rock in bars and theaters in the Quebec City area. He also participates in competitions where he finishes each time among the finalists. At the age of 22, he left for Vancouver where he joined a band and continued the bar tour.  


He returned 2 years later to Quebec, then turned as a songwriter and began to compose. He then met Sylvain Dominic Simard with whom he is working on a first demo that appeared in 2005. Two other French-language albums, which were subsequently published. He wrote in French and his rock sound is resolutely Rock. He integrates some of his compositions to his shows. In 2013, he met Jimmy Whittom, with whom he recorded Shine, his first English album. Whittom then makes him meet François Doyon Olivier, Guillaume Côté and André Lavergne, three established musicians with leequels he discovers the magic of live recording, in studio. He is so amazed  by the talent and work ethic of his acolytes. The Shine and One Life plays are a hit on social media and some independent radio stations in the United States.


In 2016, he begins the composition of a second English album on which he composes from loops. He is looking for a sound closer to Funk, with a dancing energy. He enters the studio in 2017 Sylvain Dominic Simard, with whom he has confidence again. Created in a festive atmosphere, he has just released The Calling, an alternative pop album and recently released his first video The Calling and the reaction is already promising. He is currently putting on his show and wants to start shows of his own material. In the summer of 2018. Watch the release of his second album Alive on May 2018 and scour his new album on all the flat forms of the Web or in physical copy, on request and autographed.