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The Calling new album is out now

Born of a funk and groovy energy, the album The Calling represents the fifth opus of Sylvain Cloutier. His passion is contagious and the universe represented is cathartic. It is a perfect choice to undertake a road trip or to mark a new point in your own existence. The Calling was thus written in a fighting spirit to free itself from its own doubts and to come out of its internal turmoil.  


 Following the release of the album Shine, Sylvain Cloutier wondered if he could one day come again to find the necessary inspiration and compose new pieces. However, as soon as he acquires a bank of loops, and plays the first piece, he composes a single piece Alive which will raise the theme of the album to come. Then he composes Free and The Calling the next day and within two months, will be born fifteen songs following the guideline well established by Alive.









The themes revolve, for the whole, around a desire. To fight against one's own doubts and to realize one's potential in a world where pitfalls always seem to grow. In the end, The Calling clearly illustrates the individual struggle that we all lead with our own existence. It turns out that we have a duty, out of respect for ourselves, to do everything in our power to accomplish our mission dictated by that inner voice  telling us the way we need to take in order to achieve personal success to the fullest.